Machine Learning

An introduction to IO Annotator, AI Annotation Platform for Text and Images

We strive to bring people together to work on AI solutions.

IO Annotator builds a platform around people and data to solve the most significant challenges in machine learning. Data is key to successful AI solutions we’ve built a modern Annotation Platform that helps you to do that better.

Founded in 2019 we started working on the core product features and launched our platform publicly on October 4th.

We provide products for Natural Language and Computer Vision use cases.

  • Text Classification
  • Entity Annotation
  • Sequence to Sequence Annotation
  • Sentiment Annotation
  • Image Classification Annotation

Our set of products is continuously expanding.

The core of our product is our Collaborative Annotation Platform which supports multi-user annotations simultaneously on datasets.

Around those core products, we created a wide set of features to fulfill your needs.

  • Datasets
  • API
  • Metrics
  • Teams
  • Review
  • Webhooks
  • Shortcuts
  • Dictionaries

At IO Annotator we strive to bring people together to work on AI solutions. Follow us on Twitter👋.


IO Annotator will speedup your image and text annotation significant. Reduce cost and increase output.