IO Annotator Year in Review 2019

Sascha Heyer

What a year! It's time to see what 2019 looked like for Io Annotator our machine learning annotation platform for text and images. In 2019 we've started working on the core product features and launched our platform publicly on October 4th.

Here's the timeline:

  • Finished the core product features
  • Bought our .com domain
  • Put together
  • Added metrics
  • Made the platform multi-user ready
  • Added additional Natural Language annotation tools
  • Release webhooks for better integration into machine learning pipelines
  • Migrated the app to
  • Released support for dictionaries
  • Added support for Sentiment Annotations
  • Release our Partner Program
  • Launched our blog with
  • What's up for 2020?
  • We already put together the plan for 2020 and we have some very exciting features on the roadmap. If you don't want to miss it follow us on Twitter.

Spoiler: We integrate machine learning deep in our annotation platform to reduce the time for manual annotation and even provide automated annotations.

But we also have to focus more on the marketing perspectives to gather more attraction. One of those actions to solve this mission is our Partner Program 🍩 we launched this year. If you want to become a partner check out our dedicated partner page and fill out the form. This is just a small step in our efforts for next year.

We are all looking forward to growing with you together in 2020

Happy new year to our partners and customers, see you next year.