Partner Program

You're building machine learning solutions that meet the unique demand of your clients? We've built a modern Annotation Platform that helps you to do that better.

Become a partner

Looking for a digital agency that has experience in solving machine learning solutions? Contact us we get you in touch with our partners.


A Natural Partnership

We are at IO Annotator want partnerships with companies that love our product, we would never choose a Partner for any other reason.

But we know that Partner Programs also need some sweets 🍩 to be attractive, that's why we offer you very special benefits.


We offer a various set of benefits for our partners like revenue share and marketing.


Revenue sharing

For every client that you bring to us, we will show our appreciation by splitting 20% of the value of their contract with you. We will grow together.


Cross marketing

We know that our Partners will provide some great success stories and we will promote your projects create case studies and articles. And even feature your logo on our website.



Our customers are looking for companies and agencies which help to solve their machine learning solutions. Let us build a strong partnership by connecting you as a partner with our customers and vise Versa.