We focused on building features needed to provide you the best annotation experience.


Organize all your

Keeping track of all your datasets can be hard, we offer you a service to organize all of your machine learning datasets.


Easily manage your annotation Team

Invite team members, share your datasets and annotate together. There is no limit on how many team members you can invite. We support multi-user annotations, annotate simultaneously on a dataset.


Use Metrics to gather insights.

Insights like the distribution of your labels, the overall progress or the progress of each annotator in your team.

Label Distribution

Annotation Progress

Annotator Distribution

more soon


Review your dataset

A review can increase the quality of your dataset. This step is optional and depends on your team and dataset.


API end to end integration

Use our API to integrate your annotations directly into your machine learning pipelines.


Speedup with Dictionaries

Dictionaries can be used to speed up your annotators by pre annotating words. For example, you might want to annotate street names and have an already existing list of names.


Automate with

Webhooks are a way for your machine learning backend to receive realtime updates.
Webhooks will be trigger each time a document's annotations are completed.


Manage your team members access roles.

Assign roles for each of your team members work task. We provide a rich set of roles like Annotator, Reviewer, Dataset, Team, Billing, Developer.


IO Annotator will speedup your image and text annotation significant. Reduce cost and increase output.

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