Export using our API

The API provides you a way to get the data in a more technical manner this enables you to integrate our platform into your machine learning environments.

The APIKey and your DatasetID are just examples, replace those with your values and send the request like that:

URL = "https://api.ioannotator.com/api/export"

# parameter
apikey = "PZK888A-AEQMDPY-MKKPU2Q-JZ786NX"<br>dataset = "5758665286207488"

# defining a params dict for the parameters to be sent to the IO Annotator API
PARAMS = {'apikey':apikey, 'dataset': dataset}

# sending get request and saving the response (annotations) as response object
response = requests.get(url = URL, params = PARAMS)# extracting data in json format
data = sending.json()