Organize all your Datasets

A dataset is the parent of your data and contains everything related to your data. I

The dataset overview shows all of your datasets ordered by creation date. If you are new your dataset list is empty.

The annotation type depends on which sort of machine learning problem you want to solve.


Create dataset

A dataset consists of a name, type, and optional description. We currently support five types of datasets

  • Text Classification Annotation
  • Entity Annotation
  • Sequence to Sequence Annotation
  • Sentiment Annotation
  • Image Classification Annotation

Dataset details

Each dataset has a detail page where you can find centralized information about your dataset.

Delete dataset

If you want to delete a dataset please keep in mind this process cannot be reverted, your data will be lost. A dataset can be deleted by navigating to the detail page and click on delete, confirm with the word DELETE. The dataset is then scheduled for deletion and will be deleted in the next 15 minutes.