The annotator is your main tool to annotate your data in a fast way. We optimised our annotator to reduce distraction by keeping the interface to a minimum.


We support different types of annotations

  • Entity Annotator
    The Named Entity Recognition Annotator is used to annotate one or multiple entities within the text.

  • Text and Image Classification Annotator
    The Classification Annotator is used to annotate the text or images with one or multiple labels.

  • Sequence to Sequence Annotator
    Optimised for sequence to sequence models or similar uses cases. Upload a text and add multiple variants for it.

  • Sentiment Annotator
    Sentences are annotated as positive, negative, or neutral when training a machine learning model to analyse sentiments.

Tip Use shortcuts to speedup your annotations. For positive use arrow up, negative arrow down and neutral arrow right.


  • The labels are displayed on the left side.
  • You can navigate to the next text or image either by clicking Next in the upper right corner. Or using the shortcut enter.
  • Labels can be selected by using the corresponding shortcuts in our example r for a room. You can define the shortcuts on your own.
  • Optional you can mark documents, those marked documents can be exported separated.